“Pedal for Future” project is a complete world tour. I’ll be traversing the whole world for seven years uninterrupted without returning to Turkey in the course of this period using bicycle as transport vehicle (I cycled from Turkey to Japan previously) if I succeed in. The World Tour Route will be as such (could change throughout my voyage!) 

Stage 1 – Europe (9 September 2012 – 25 January 2014 Finished) 

Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Finland (At this point I made a little change on my  route and I decided to cycle up to the Artic Circle since I came up already so far towards north), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Spain,

Stage 2 – Africa (25 January 2014 – 25 december 2016 finished) 

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, malawi, Botsvana, Lesotho, Svaziland , South Africa.

Stage 3 – South America (25 December 2016  – I am still cycling ……)

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia,  Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, .

From the tip of South America I’ll jump to Antarctica.

Stage 4 – North America

Mexico, United States

Stage -5 – North America (Canada – Alaska)

Canada, USA Alaska

Then I’ll pass to Greenland and back to Canada.

Stage 6 – Asia – Australia

Russia (Siberia), South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, China, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey.

My World Tour covers 84 countries on seven continents. At the end of this World Tour I would have cycled approximately 115.000 km.

I’m not on a tour on which I pedal every day. I’m visiting the historical and touristic sites of the countries which I pedal through. Sometimes I stay a week or more in a city or I just camp somewhere I like and enjoy the nature.

During my Turkey-Japan Tour between the years 2010 and 2011 I passed through Karakum desert in Turkmenistan the eight largest one in the world and Gobi desert the third largest in Mongolia. I also cycled through one of the highest drivable passes (4650 m) at Pamir Mountains in Tadzhikistan.

My goal in this World Tour is to cycle through the largest deserts and highest drivable passes in every continent (5 largest deserts, 5 highest passes in 5 continents) under the most adverse climate conditions no matter in summer or winter. Of course, there are travelers who cycled through these places before, but none of them passed through all these. My road computer found on my bicycle will record all these places, their altitude, my speed, the degree of slopes, how much calories spent and store on Garmin page (I enjoy tours with high risks and pure adrenalin).

Well, what are these largest deserts and highest drivable passes?


Col de La Bonette (2802m)

I arrived at this highest drivable pass in Europe on August 14th 2013 after exactly two years and seven months I set off for touring the world. The slope of this passage is generally 9%. It is possible to find water on the way. One must definitely enjoy the view at 2802 m before descending to 800m. It is the most important pass in Tour de France. You may read my road memories under the heading of France in my webpage.

Col de La Bonette (2802m)

Avrupa’nın en yüksek araç geçiş noktasına 14 Ağustos 2013 Tarihinde varmayı başardım. Dünya turu rotasını ayarladıktan tam iki sene yedi ay sonra bu noktaya gelmeyi başardım. Tırmanış genellik %9 eğimle gerçekleşiyor. Tırmanırken su kaynağı bulmak mümkün. 2802 metreye tırmandıktan sonra manzaranın keyfini çıkarmak şart sonrasında 800 metreye kadar iniliyor. Fransa turunun etapları içinde de yer alan önemli bir geçit. Tırmanırken yaşadığım muhteşem anları fransa anılarımın arasında bulmanız mümkün. Fakat dünya turu rotasını hazırlarken Avrupa’nın en yüksek geçidi bu değildi. Bu yüzden kendime koyduğum ilk hedef o zamanın en yüksek geçidiydi

Col de L’lseran (2770 m)

This is the second highest paved mountain pass in Europe. I’m the one who realizes his goals and pushes to his limits. The climb was very enjoyable and also the descent although pretty long with 9% slope. I camped near the pass at night which I arrived on August 23rd 2013. My goal was to cycle through the highest paved mountain pass in Europe at that time I was planning my route. Nevertheless, this pass turned out not to be highest in Europe, the reason why I also pedaled through Col de La Bonette pass.

Tabernas Desert

Don’t say that there is no desert in Europe. The Tabernas desert is located about 30 north of Almeria in Spain. In winter the temperature rarely drops below freezing. There aren’t any settlements nearby.


Sahara Desert

Everybody knows the desert Sahara. Why? It is the largest desert in the world which covers almost entire North Africa. Sahara covers large parts of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Gurkan how come will you pass through this desert? It is possible to find paved road stretching from the west to east across the desert.  Some may say: “Hey, paved? This looks easy.” This region has one of the harshest climates in the world. This driest place on earth is hot, above 50 degrees centigrade during day time. My road memories would possibly guide the ones who would cycle through this desert in the coming years (how many cyclists would pass a desert, anyway?)

Abra Huayraccasa Pass (5059 m)

This pass is located in Peru which is the highest drivable pass in South America.  The nearest city Huanchocopla is situated at an altitude of 4000m. It is one of the dangerous passes for cyclists and even for drivers. The temperature falls down to minus 30 degrees centigrade during winter.

Patagonian Desert

It is the seventh largest desert in the world. It is located in Argentina with a small part in Chile. Its temperature rises to 30 degrees centigrade in summer whereas drops down to minus 30 during winter.

Mount Evans Pass (4365 m)

This pass is located in Colorado, United States. Although seemingly easy, it takes 4 hours to climb. There aren’t any water sources on the way. The slope changes from 5 to 10 %, almost the same of that of Cinnah Avenue a well known street in Ankara : ). It is easy, easy but only a little long.

Great Basin Desert

It is the largest desert in North America found near Nevada. Its climate is not so harsh. It is a desert which I’ll cross with no complications.

Great Victoria Desert

It is a desert I’ll enjoy to cycle through. A 700 km long adventure will be waiting for me. Is said that there are thunderstorms 15-20 times a year  with heavy lightening which I hope do not run into.

There are many varieties of reptiles. Summer day time temperatures range from 35 to 45 degrees centigrade. The winter season is not so cold.

Charlotte Pass (1830 m)

Charlotte pass is the highest point of this continent. The best arriving at the top is that you see snowboard runs. It would be fine to camp on the top while pedaling through this pass and take part in different activities.

Semo La (Tibet Pass) (5565 m)

This will be my break new ground in my tour. This highest drivable pass in the world is located in Tibet. Semo La is the Everest of us bikers, a never ending climb and one of the reasons why my World Tour extends since I have to traverse China to arrive at this pass on bicycle. Recognizing this spot, I sadly said:” Why on the earth didn’t I cross this pass during my Turkey-Japan tour”

Everest Base Camp (5364 m)

I don’t get excited while mentioning that I’m going to set off for a world tour but can’t describe how I have felt when writing down these spots and setting these goals. Furthermore, I get excited every time when I think about pedaling through these spots. There are cyclists who climbed till the Everest Base Camp pedaling all the way through, not carrying or pushing their bicycles.

“Pedal for Future” project is a project to encourage people to ride on bicycle. I share my road memories, videos and photographs throughout my journey as I did during my previous tour to support life with bicycle. I share my goals with you and wish that some other Turkish cyclists will cross these spots afterwards. I’m not the first person who travels in this manner on the world and would not be the last one. In order to explore and tell, one has to experience. I wish all of us a happy voyage.

If you attempt and sacrifice beyond your dreams your success will be inevitable.

Gürkan GENÇ

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