The Kron Bicycle family proudly serves as a partner in Gürkan Genç’s extraordinary seven-year world travel endeavor, providing a specially designed bike. This collaboration aims to establish bicycles as a culturally significant mode of transportation in Turkey and beyond. By supporting Gürkan’s dream journey, Kron Bicycle not only advocates for the bicycle as a means of transport but also contributes to its deserved recognition in the broader Turkish context.

As part of this partnership, Kron Bicycle extends valuable support, including financial assistance for the renewal of all bike-related materials or the bicycle itself. This commitment demonstrates Kron Bicycle’s dedication to fostering and promoting the cycling culture, emphasizing its importance as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation.

Together with Gürkan Genç, Kron Bicycle is actively contributing to the realization of a vision where bicycles hold a significant place in the Turkish cultural landscape, encouraging a shift toward more eco-friendly and healthier transportation options.


Support Provided : Financial support for the renewal of all the materials related to bike or renewal of bicycle itself.

Embracing diversity and catering to the varied needs of society, we are delighted to join forces with cyclist Gürkan Genç, who is exploring the world on her trusty iron horse. Gürkan Genç embarks on her global tour with the reassurance of Anadolu Sigorta, making our mark in the countries she pedals through.

Our commitment to Gürkan Genç extends to providing a special policy that covers her medical expenses abroad. This inclusive support encompasses treatment costs, emergency interventions, and health services, aiming to ensure Gürkan Genç feels secure in every geography her bike takes her.

In this exciting collaboration, we embark on a journey to bolster Gürkan Genç’s achievements, highlighting the significance of sports and exploration. As sponsors, we take pride in being part of this unique adventure, accompanying Gürkan Genç with every kilometer she traverses.

The support provided includes the Anadolu Sigorta Individual Health Insurance Product and this sponsorship officially commenced on December 1, 2023. We look forward to celebrating Gürkan Genç’s accomplishments and contributing to the power of sports and discovery through this special partnership.

Support provided: Anadolu Sigorta Individual Health Insurance Product. Sponsorship started on December 1, 2023.


In a harmonious alliance between an explorer spirit, traversing the world on his iron horse, and an outdoor brand established under the motto “Never Stop Exploring,” a natural and symbiotic connection is forged. The North Face family is proud to be a participant in Gürkan Genç’s dream, standing by him as he embarks on his global exploration, inspiring thousands with a shared passion for nature, curiosity, and courage.

As a testament to this collaborative journey, The North Face extends its support by providing essential gear for Gürkan Genç’s adventures. This includes summer and winter outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, and tents—equipping him for the diverse landscapes and climates he encounters during his exploration.

This organic partnership reflects a shared commitment to the ethos of exploration and the profound connection between humanity and the great outdoors. The North Face family is honored to contribute to Gürkan Genç’s endeavors, enabling him to continue inspiring others to embrace the love of nature and the spirit of fearless exploration.

Support Provided: Summer and winter outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, tents

As a company dedicated to creating products engineered for life’s outdoor pursuits, we at Garmin are thrilled to support Gurkan Genc on his remarkable journey. With a global presence spanning 34 countries and nearly 19,000 associates, we specialize in providing GPS navigation and wearable technology for various markets, including automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and fitness.

Our philosophy revolves around empowering individuals to make the most of their time while pursuing their passions. We believe in constant innovation, viewing each day as an opportunity to push boundaries and surpass previous achievements. It is in this spirit of exploration and advancement that we align ourselves with Gurkan Genc’s expedition.

To facilitate Gurkan Genc’s journey, Garmin Turkiye is proud to provide all the necessary Garmin equipment he requires. This support aims to enhance his navigation, tracking, and overall experience, ensuring that he can make the most of every moment during his global adventure. We are honored to be part of Gurkan Genc’s story and share in his pursuit of exploration and personal triumphs.

Support Provided: All Garmin equipments he need

As a prominent manufacturer of waterproof outdoor equipment and bicycle panniers, we take pride in extending our support to Gürkan Genç on his incredible journey. Our range of waterproof products is crafted with precision using high-frequency welding methods at our German headquarters in Heilsbronn, ensuring that they bear the mark of quality as “Made in Germany.”

In recognition of Gürkan Genç’s adventurous spirit and dedication to exploration, we are delighted to provide support in the form of high-quality bicycle bags. These durable and waterproof bags are designed to enhance Gürkan’s travel experience, offering reliability and protection for his belongings as he embarks on his global adventure.

We are honored to contribute to Gürkan Genç’s journey and share in the ethos of exploration and resilience that defines his expedition. Our commitment to producing top-notch outdoor equipment aligns seamlessly with Gürkan’s pursuit of discovery, and we look forward to witnessing the success of his remarkable journey.

Support provided: Bicycle Bags

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As the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Turkiye Republic, we proudly extend our support to Gürkan Genç, who has made significant contributions to showcasing our country on the global stage through his efforts and remarkable dreams.

In our commitment to facilitating Gürkan Genç’s journey and ensuring smooth transitions between countries, we provide invaluable support. This assistance includes visa support, and streamlining the bureaucratic processes associated with his travels. Additionally, we offer logistic support to enhance the efficiency and ease of his international transitions.

By supporting Gürkan Genç, we recognize the impact of individual initiatives in promoting Turkey’s positive image worldwide. We are honored to contribute to his journey, fostering connections between nations and celebrating the spirit of adventure and cultural exchange.

Support provided: Providing visa assistance which will help Gurkan Genc during his transition between countries, logistic support

In the voyage of life, where challenges and obstacles often confront us, phrases like “cannot be done” and “you cannot” act as barriers. Closed plane factories, discontinued cars, and the brain drain have left wounds within us. Our struggle against those who assert “do not invent more,” “how can you invent,” and “the chance to do something has passed” is an ongoing journey. Conversely, we have encountered numerous inventors, witnessed their struggles, and stood beside them as much as possible.

Now, Gürkan Genç emerges as a beacon, illuminating our souls and demonstrating the unimaginable feats achievable when one is driven by passion and courage. We are thrilled to join forces with him as Ankara Patent, having been inspired by his enthusiasm and audacity.

As part of our support, Ankara Patent is actively contributing to Gürkan Genç’s dream by facilitating the registration of brand names, such as Gurkan Genc, The Man with the Iron Horse, Pedal for Future, etc., across various service areas. This collaboration symbolizes our commitment to championing innovative spirits and embracing the limitless possibilities that determination and creativity can unlock. We proudly stand by Gürkan Genç in his extraordinary journey.

Support provided: Registration of the brand names i.e Gurkan Genc, The Man with the iron horse, pedal for future, etc at various service areas.

As Dakik Furniture, a renowned manufacturer of office furniture with a global footprint, especially in Europe, we are now rebranding under the name MasaKralı. We take pride in our association with Gürkan Genç, the adventurer pedaling around the world, as a partner. As the King of Table, we wholeheartedly stand by Gürkan Genç in his remarkable journey.

In addition to our shared enthusiasm for exploration and resilience, we are pleased to extend financial support to Gürkan Genç. This support is a testament to our commitment to fostering partnerships that go beyond borders, embodying the spirit of unity and shared dreams.

We are excited to witness Gürkan Genç’s achievements and are honored to be a part of his extraordinary adventure as MasaKralı, standing shoulder to shoulder with him as he pedals through diverse landscapes and cultures around the world.

Support provided: Financial support

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