• 24 June 2014

Supporting people who have dreams

Supporting people who have dreams

Supporting people who have dreams 300 169 Gürkan Genç


Everyone has dreams related to their future. Sometimes we only dream and do not take the necessary steps. Sometimes we say “Well dude, I’ll make it. I got nothing to lose” and work for it relentlessly. Look, I say “we work for it”. My dream was to travel around the world by bicycle and I really worked hard to realize this dream and still continue to work hard. Well, why am I telling this?

I meet many people on the road. With some I become a real family member and whenever I turn my back to leave with tears in my eyes the wind slaps my face… I say to myself “dude, come on, things to be done are waiting for you”. We all know how hard is to motivate ourselves.

Here I want to tell about one of the families I met. Oguz, Tulay, Eda and Kutlu..

I hadn’t met Oguz before. While I was heading towards Munich I received an e-mail.

–       Gurkan you are 150 km away from my home. Please, stop at us and be our guest. Please.

–       Oguz Bey (Mr. in Turkish), thank you very much for your invitation but I’ll meet with my friends in Munich.

–       Gurkan Bey I can pick you up by car on which bicycle carrier is attached. And the day you leave, I’ll drop you where I have picked you up. I promise.

–       Oguz bey it is a long distance to Munich and my friends from Ankara will come. I wish, I would have known before.

–       I didn’t know your exact route. I have two little daughters both of which are cyclists. I want them to meet you. I beg you. I think that they have to meet someone like you.

While I was planning to stroll around till Munich, now I’m checking the map. Skip this, and this.. Also skip this and cross out from the must to visit list.

Humm.. While pedaling only 50 km per day.. Then, increase the distance to cycle to 120 km per day.

–       Alright Oguz bey. Here are my coordinates, I’m waiting for you. But I want you to bring me back to this spot after a couple of days.

Our friendship starting this way made us a family. Dude, this guy printed all my road memories as a booklet.

–       I’ll be pleased with this archive till you publish your book. I’m sure that there will be much more in your book. But still sign this for me



As I re-entered Germany travelling through Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and France I made a surprise and visited them once more before heading to the Netherlands. : ). Well, I have a home in Germany. Look, now I’m in Spain

–       Gurkan you are now in Europe. Leave your bicycle and come to visit us for a few days. You don’t need to stay in the hostels in Spain and pay for it, stay with us while waiting for your visa.

(I better wait for the end of the firewood cutting season. Hahahaha.. Mate, the last time I visited you, I had cut firewood in the forest for no pay. Are you kidding me Oguz : )

One day in the summer 2013, as we were talking with Ayca in their garden:

–       Gurkan Abi (elderly brother in Turkish) my bicycle is too heavy, therefore I’m not able to get among the top ones.

Well, as her brother, I supported her to help realize her dream. After I departed, I started to receive messages telling “she was the second in her first race and now she is among the top five in the region.” And if I’m not wrong she is racing with girls older than her. Also, her sister Eda was on the stage in her own category. And, now they are smiling after each race.

For myself, I can say that: I’m traveling this way to not to lose the meaning of life in sense of destinations and goals. While realizing my dream, I also try to help others for realizing their dreams.


My dear Ayca, never stop, always go forward.

Eda, don’t forget to send messages via whatsapp and don’t go sour on me if I don’t reply promptly. I reply as soon as I see your messages. : ).


Kiss you… .




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