• 31 March 2016

Obligatory return from Kenya to Oman : )

Obligatory return from Kenya to Oman : )

Obligatory return from Kenya to Oman : ) 300 169 Gürkan Genç


I said that I’ll arrive in Nairobi on October 20th and I did.  I hadn’t had exerted all my strength since a long time. My legs hurt incredibly. I really don’t like to pedal to make it to a place. The Europe leg of my world tour was like this and believe me I didn’t like it at all. Continually I’d tried to make it to a certain place at a fixed time (this is a story which I haven’t written and shared on my web page yet).

Presently I’m turning back to Oman on Muscat plane of Emirates Air Lines interlined via Dubai. I took my first plane trip of my world tour on bike from UK to Spain. Due to the civil war in Libya I couldn’t move further and boarded a flight to Jordan from Tunisia. After traveling in Middle East I flew from Oman to Ethiopia due to the civil war in Yemen. Then, I rode from Addis Ababa to Nairobi on bike.

My bicycle stays now in Turkish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why am I returning to Oman?

I was in Muscat, Oman while the June 2015 general election of Turkey was recalled. I called our Addis Ababa embassy to ask whether ballot boxes were to be located.  Since there were only 500 Turkish citizens registered to the embassy no ballot boxes were to be located. If I would change my residential address to Muscat then I could vote for the next general elections.  I decided to move on and return to Oman on October 24th to vote.

Now I crossed my legs in the plane laughing to myself “dude, what an adventures trip” The two way ticket of Emirates Air Lines cost 2100 TL (about 715 USD). Actually, I thought twice paying for this ticket. Because with this 2100 TL I could by the equipment I needed, could support athletes for their needs. It is a good deal of money. Furthermore, with this amount of money I sometimes cross two countries. That is, while I both could take care of my health affected by the geography I’m traveling in and could add to the athletes I’m already supporting I preferred to go to vote for the general elections.

I have been travelling for 6 years around the world sharing my road memories from every corner of the world through my own videos, photos and articles. I want to share the photos which were mostly liked and received comments till now.  Even, those photos were much more liked and shared compared to my video records and articles for which I’ve spent hours.

  1. The moment I voted

2. During Umrah in Mecca


A world traveler would smile at this point and move on. I voted, might it be good for my country.  Well, my young friends asked me whom to vote. “Vote for whom you want”. I did my civic duty that’s all about.

It is one of the most frequently asked questions: “Why don’t you share more articles and photos or don’t make an on-air broadcast via Periscope?”

The opportunities I have, my health and strength allows me to do more but I do my shares because I like to do it and not as a duty and will continue just the way I do.

The couple Aslı and James hosted me in Oman this time. I was unable to stay in their house while I was riding through Oman.  The day I landed in Oman, I attended Halloween celebrated at their son’s Zedo’s school.

After Halloween celebration we attended a Hindu dance night. I got of bike and jumped into a different life at full speed. She is a dentist and said: “Let’s take a control of your teeth” and filled three of my teeth in no time.  : ) Dude travel is such tough geographies but I really hate to have an injection ever since I could remember.  “Hey, let me look at the tip of the injector. Dude, Asli why don’t has this chair arms, I need them”. Luckily she was light handed. I almost fell asleep in the chair.

Pedaling at 3000-4000 m altitudes in Ethiopia, then descending slowly to 800 m in Kenya, then climbing back to 3000 m in the middle of Kenya, finally taking a flight to Muscat landing at sea level made me really suffer. I had headache for couple of days.

I came across to October 29th Republic Day celebrations in Oman. Because of several reasons the reception was held on 28th of October. By this way I was able to attend the reception on 28th October in Muscat in Oman and on 29th October in Nairobi in Kenya. Even, I wore a suit for the first time in my travel for the reception in Oman. Thank you Rana, for this.


We’ll pedal with my friend Esra Alkan for the next month together. Let’s see how it’ll turn out …




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