Gürkan Genç Education Scholarship

While he was travelling the world for himself, Gurkan Genc has established Foreign Language Study Scholarship for the young people, who want to learn foreign language and want to go abroad, for the purpose of being part of their dreams.

Gürkan Genç Foreign Language Study Scholarship is for one year.

Annual 120 hours of English language training

6 or 9 hours of programs per week

The cities and the institutions where Gürkan Genç Foreign Language Study Scholarship will be given:

  • Ankara Merkez  – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-ankara.org.tr )
  • Ankara Bahçelievler – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-bahcelievler.com )
  • Ankara Etimesgut – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-etimesgut.com )
  • Ankara Çayyolu – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-cayyolu.com )
  • Ankara Keçiören – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-kecioren.com )
  • Antalya – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-antalya.com )
  • İzmir Buca – Türk Amerikan Derneği ( http://www.taa-buca.com )
  • İzmir Çankaya – American Academy ( http://www.americanacademy-tad.com )
  • Manisa – American Academy

How Does Gürkan Genc Foreign Language Study Scholarship work?  

Young people between the ages of 14 to 24 years can only use Gürkan Genc Foreign Language Study Scholarship

Gürkan Genç, will be asking questions about his Turkey to Japan Tour and World Tour at general articles section at his web page,  “www.gurkangenc.com “.

He will not be publishing any news at Facebook or Twitter about these questions.

A raffle will take place 6 hours after questions published. (Time is short as I am on the world tour and I got to do the ruffle own my own)

Scholarship winner young friend, must sent his/her residence information to the lawyer Pınar Koca’ email address which was given at team section, within 3 days after his/her name published as winner.

 Gürkan Genç Foreign Language Study Scholarshipis limited to the cities mentioned above for now and at the beginning of the questions asked, it will be established, from which institution of the city the scholarship will be given. The person who resides in other cities and answers the question right cannot get the scholarship.

Answers of the questions should be sent to demiratliadam[at]gmail.com, email address and winner will be replied from the same email address.

Yours Sincerely,

Gürkan GENÇ

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